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What can you get from US?

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What do we want?

1. Acting ability:

  • · imitation of different voices
  • · rich expressiveness
  • · imaginativeness
  • · character sensibility

2. Professional voice recording equipment.

3. Experience in voice acting, podcasting, radio, television, etc. is perferred.

How to apply?

01 Choose your favorite stories
02 Read scripts and make your Demo
03 Send your Demo and CV to us
04 Sign the contract

Our requirements of the Demo

  • Mp3 (320Kbps) Format

  • No Background Noise

*Keep the subject name as same as that of your DEMO when sending the email to us.

Demo scripts

You could select your favorite books through the following link and download demo scripts of the book. The scripts include both male and female characters.

You should create a demo (3-5min) which includes either male or female script due to your own voice gender;

Properly name your demo as “book title_male/female/male and female scripts_your name”. Send your demo to us through email when you finish.

You could read the novel by clicking the cover and the "Download" button below will lead you directly to the scripts.

Alpha's Slave

Download Scri

The Unloved Luna Queen

Download Scri

His Arranged Wife

Download Scri

In the Shadow of the CEO

Download Scri

Mated to the Alpha Twins

Download Scri

No One's Luna

Download Scri

The Alpha's Tough Girl

Download Scri

Alpha Atlas

Download Scri
We make good novels, you make them alive.

About US

GoodFM, founded in 2021, provides online audiobooks subscription service.

We work with GoodNovel and get many attractive novels' copyrights.

We possess professional voices and engage in making excellent audibooks, giving our audience immersive experience.


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