The CEO's Ex-Wife Is A Famous Doctor

The CEO's Ex-Wife Is A Famous Doctor

by : LiLhyz

Billionaire  |  Length: 34:44:07  |  Completed
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Shantelle Scott has been in love with Evan Thompson since she was young. When Evan's father arranged for her to be his wife, she willingly agreed, despite knowing it was against Evan's will. She devoted her life to him in their two-year marriage, forgetting her aspirations. She hoped her husband would love her back. Sadly, one day, Evan coldly said, "I want a divorce! I want you out of my life, Shantelle!"Years passed, Shantelle became a famous surgeon. When her ex-husband came to see her, he asked, "Doctor Shant, I need your expertise.""What is wrong with you, Mister Thompson?" She asked.Yearning reflected in the man's eyes as he suggested, "My heart is broken, and only you can mend it."Shantelle laughed and replied, "Mister Thompson, I am a doctor. I'm not God."

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Bianca Sto Domingo Villaverde

2023-12-07 21:02:49
I finished the entire novel. hearing this in voice acting, I still cry, laugh, and love the characters.
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Lalin Daitol

2023-08-05 06:24:30
great book love it
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2023-04-10 02:56:33
I love this book it a great read
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Shersher Love

2023-03-20 19:40:08
Where are all the other narrator’s like Peter and John Carlo I’m just hearing one guy now on all there new audio books that are been done over
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