by : MercyCrown

Romance  |  Length: 27:28:29  |  Completed
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What do you do when your brother's best friend catches you masturbating?Ashley Green is consider the goody two shoes who is always hidden in the shadows of her brother, but maybe she isn't much of a good girl as everyone thinks. What do you think Ashley would do when her brother's best friend catches her masturbating? Beg for her dirty little secret to be kept? Be ashamed of herself? Or give in to the underlying sinful desires that strikes her nerves at the sight of the pierced tattooed green eyed?

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Shersher Love

2023-07-24 23:02:32
Will not be finishing the book I just went on the other platform and just red the ending of the book should’ve changed the narrators at the end
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2023-06-19 15:04:58
ahhh !!! love this story!! but why dear God!! why is it not finished yet !!... or at least not the ending I liked. can we get an update or is there another story.
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Colleen Gonzalez

2023-01-16 19:23:32
please update. We're all still here waiting.
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2023-01-12 12:07:14
Please continue the story, dying to know what happens next
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Jess Godfrey

2022-12-27 07:02:35
I hope there is more absolute as I have a listen to fit book4time and really love it
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Tricia Wrabiutza

2022-11-26 22:41:57
will this book EVER be updated?!!
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