Royal Lycan Mates

Royal Lycan Mates

by : Saree

Werewolf  |  Length: 15:50:43  |  Completed
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Trixie is an orphaned werewolf pup, stuck in a hopeless life of servitude. She's desperate to better herself and learn all she can. She gets the chance when it's her birth month and she will soon shift. She gets the chance to attend Camp New Moon, which is run by the Drexel royal family. The camp is designed to help all shifters learn life skills and prepare them for life as an adult. Of course most naively hope being in close quarters with so many others like them will draw out their mate For Trixie, finding her mate would be her salvation, it would mean everything. But for two princes of the ten Kingdoms, it means war with each other. Damien and Dawson could not be more opposite, one will soon sit on the throne and the other has no direction in his life. That is, until he stumbles upon a damsel in distress that he never imagined he'd find. To Damien, finding his mate is his defining moment, the very thing that gives his life meaning. To Dawson, it's the end of the world and only spells disaster. How can these two princes handle the moon goddess forcing them to be mated to the same female? How can Trixie handle the hot and cold of two royal lycan mates?

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2023-10-13 03:04:43
The 5-tike rejected Gamma, is one of the best they both read n also one of my favourites
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Shayla Turner

2023-04-27 13:13:22
I love the voices in this book. Same voices in Sin.
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2023-02-08 17:00:04
She read " Her cold hearted alpha" also " The alphas blind mate"
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