Rainey Weather

Rainey Weather

by : Kaycee Molina

Werewolf  |  Length: 12:55:53  |  Completed
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Raine has lived her entire life in a small town with her mother. Her human father lived nearby and saw her everyday. The only things she knew about being a werewolf came from her mother. But as she approaches her 18th birthday her mother begins to change. Until the day her entire world came to a halt. The day her mother hit her. Within 20 minutes after her father walked into the policestation they were in a new car with new identities headed east to her mother's old pack. According to him it was time for her to go home. Her mother would only get worse. But what was waiting for them? What about the secret her dad was keeping? And what if the mate her mother had always told her would save her, actually destroys her? Follow Raine on her adventure halfway around the world to find herself and learn to embrace her rain gift before the time comes that she needs to use it. With a second chance at love waiting for her, will the imminent war she was made to fight be too much for them or will they conquer all the awaiting obstacles?

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2023-10-04 03:27:21
Pronunciation is asked not axed This is driving me crazy
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