My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

by : Caroline Above Story

Werewolf  |  Length: 55:09:21  |  Ongoing
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(Sequel of Pregnant and rejected by my alpha mate. Can be read alone. )Today I had my first kiss. It wasn’t planned. It was also with a complete stranger. As I walked through the halls of my school, Higala Shifter Academy, I paused when a familiar sense washed over me. My boyfriend, Scott, was nearby, and he wasn’t alone. “You are so naughty, Scott,” the she-wolf Sarah chuckled. “Only for you, babe,” he replied, muffled as her lips closed around his. At that moment, I felt sick to my stomach. “Oh, Scott. Stop it. You know we can’t be seen together. What if your girlfriend finds us?” “She’s in class. She’s never late. You don’t need to worry.” My heart was heavy in my chest, but also a wave of fury and resentment crossed me.“Lila?” Scott breathed, staring at me in shock “What are you—” Before he could get the entire question out, I turned to the gentleman beside me, placing my hands on his shoulders and pulling him toward me. He went easily, though his eyes showed nothing but confusion. I closed my eyes tightly so I wouldn’t have to see his expression any longer. Then, our lips touched. Later, I walked into my class but found,It was him… The man I kissed only moments ago in the hallway. The man I had given my first kiss to, was my professor.

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Caroline Rose

2024-03-09 00:17:56
How many chapters dose this book have plz
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Sofia Kaklamanou

2024-03-04 00:18:55
Hi everyone. I am new here but I really really really really really love the story very very very very very very much ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️. I just finished the chapter 6 just now and I am in love .
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2023-10-22 18:00:08
First time she said wolf i could’ve sworn the narrator said woof…
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Aria Carston

2023-10-05 18:51:58
I want to read it, not listen to the audio. The female audio reader puts me off this book, sounding like a whiny 14 year old.
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Kirby Rich

2023-10-04 02:11:17
on chapter 121. the book is great. I would prefer to read instead of listen, though.
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Tabby Mince

2023-09-22 15:41:34
So everybody who wishes they could read the story. Do you realize if you just scroll to the right when you're listening to it? It pops up with the actual book so you can read it instead of listen to it .
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