Mated to the Rogue Alpha

Mated to the Rogue Alpha

by : Dancing Pen

Werewolf  |  Length: 29:15:12  |  Completed
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"I, Darius Amaruk, reject you, Isabella Grey, as my mate!"I heard him, the man who was supposed to be my mate, spoke the words with contempt drilling in his voice.The night Isabella was rejected by her mate, she left her pack to cool off her head and got harassed by a rogue wolf. The deed led to pregnancy. And Isabella was left all alone in the world to fend for herself and her son. The last of her threshold began when she was taken in by the same rogue alpha and she discovered that he had no memory of what happened that night. Despite the growing feelings between them, her son -their son- became the reason why he would never mate her.

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Ayodele Ayanfeoluwa

2024-02-13 21:52:00
Nice story.
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