Loner to Luna

Loner to Luna

by : ShadowLass

Werewolf  |  Length: 31:23:11  |  Completed
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Abby has a blessed life at home. Her parents are respected pack members and mated by the Moon Goddess, she has two younger sisters who she loves (some times more than others), and she has a friend who she can go to any time. School is another story. Bullied throughout grade school, she has become quite jaded. After being rejected by the future alpha of her pack, is true happiness even a possibility for her?

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Jennifer Noe

2024-03-10 08:49:26
hello I was wondering I love this book so muchhh I showed it to my Sister she. said It was. Very good But I Love this bookkk!!
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Karen Bearden

2023-01-18 05:49:52
Omg the voices are sooo over dramatized and Kayla’s voice is annoying
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Leeann Filicsky

2022-09-11 08:39:26
Really good
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Anna Windsor

2022-08-26 05:21:14
Love this book so much! I love the way the narrator gives the characters distinct voices. Really cool and funny. Especially Kayla and her mom!
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2022-06-14 21:57:08
I’m kinda bummed there’s no foreplay at all lol
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2022-06-14 17:13:02
Hahaha ............
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