Dangerous Desires

Dangerous Desires

by : Karima Sa'ad Usman

Werewolf  |  Length: 25:37:37  |  Completed
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'I have waited for this moment. This very moment when you finally see me. Tonight I claim what is truly mine. Your heart, love, and body, Tia, just as it should be. Me and you." Luke Moon."I see you, Tia, I always have. I thought we had time, but I guess I was wrong. They took you away from me, but I will not give you up, Tia. I will fight for your love as I should have. Even though you are married to my brother, I will take you back," Caleb Moon.Tia Lockwood has had a crush on her friend, Caleb Moon, for most of her teen years. When Caleb's older brother, Luke, lost favour with their father because of his bad behaviour, Caleb had to train to take over from his father as the future Alpha of their pack. Tia sees this as an opportunity to remain close to her friend. She dumps her studies as a medical doctor to join the academy as a warrior hoping to finish as the strongest wolf and become Caleb's Beta when he assumes the Alpha position. Tia tried hard and finished second place, which qualified her for the Gamma position. It was close enough for her, and she hoped Caleb would eventually see her. Unfortunately for them, things take a turn when Tia is married to Caleb's older brother, Luke, and forced to bury her feelings for Caleb.Living in the same house with her husband and long time crush, would Tia eventually understand the difference between true love and infatuation?

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