Alpha's Blind Luna

Alpha's Blind Luna

by : MishanAngel

Werewolf  |  Length: 47:28:16  |  Ongoing
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Auri Meadows, 19, was waiting for the day her mate would reject her. After an attack on her pack, she had been left blind and scarred. With how she looked, she knew no one would want her and she would be free to live out the secret life she had built. But Alpha Logan wasn’t about to let his mate go. Not after all the years he had searched for her. But as her secrets are revealed, their mate bond continues to be tested and leaves both of them wondering if the Moon Goddess turned their back on them.

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Laura Arnette

2024-06-16 10:46:01
It says daily updates but I haven’t seen anyone new chapters. When was the last update?
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Laura Arnette

2024-06-09 17:01:05
Is there more? Or is there going to be more? I really wanna hear more!
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Denacia Valentine

2024-06-03 08:46:06
it's been a while since any update of this book it's been far too long
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Cynthia Torres

2024-05-09 10:01:36
When will we get another update?? It’s been almost a year and the book can’t end like this
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Cynthia Torres

2024-03-29 03:13:39
When is there going to be an update?? Been waiting and anticipating for months
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Candice Le Marchant

2024-01-31 14:59:20
is this book going to be finished or has something happened?
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