What is New Reading?

New Reading is a global company with hundreds of employees based across the US,
Ireland, Singapore and Indonesia.

Established in 2020, with the four products mentioned above,
New Reading has attracted 10,000,000+
monthly active users covering 200+ countries and regions.

As the top grossing Book APP, GoodNovel serves audiences over 50+ countries with hundreds of thousands of original web novels in multiple languages, including English, Indonesian, Filipino, etc.

As home to Latin American audiences, BueNovela accommodates the most skillful Spanish and Portuguese online novelists of all kinds of genres, and has produced the fastest growth rate of IP reserves.

Based on our massive web novels, a team of high-tier narrators and cooperation with famous producers, GoodFM works on making an in-depth development in audiobooks.

MegaNovel is dedicated to providing high quality genre fiction and offering a wide market for all authors and readers interested in Urban/Realistic, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, System, (Video) Games, and Mystery/Horror etc.

What is GoodFM doing now?

  • With a professional team of voice actors, producers and influencers who are famous in the audio industry, GoodFM is producing audiobooks for the best selling web novels on GoodNovel, MegaNovel and BueNovela.

  • With vast experience in audio adaptation, GoodFM is collaborating with other platforms or individuals to turn high-quality fictional ebooks into ear-catching audiobooks.

  • With reputable publishing partners, GoodFM is expanding its audio library by acquiring audiobooks on a variety of genres, which includes romance, fantasy, paranormal, thriller, business, biography, history, self-help, etc.

Dad quest initiated

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When His Eyes Opened

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[Dramatized]The Divorced Billionaire Heiress

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The Beast And The Blessed

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[Dramatized]The Secretly Rich Man

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Midnight Sun

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Born of Shadows

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Tracking Game

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A Summer Affair

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Delivering Happiness

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How to Train Your Dragon

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What is GoodFM planning to do?

GoodFM is planning to start a UGC (User-Generated Content) project . It will allow copyright owners (individuals/
agents/publishers) to upload completed audiobooks or podcasts on GoodFM.

The audiobooks will be distributed through New Reading’s products, which will also provide sales data to the
audiobook copyright owners. So with a big number of New Reading’s user base,
the content providers will reach a wide audience and share high profits!

Who has built a partnership with New Reading?

Voice Actors

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